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Second WMF education session in Bursa, Turkey

After the first education session in December, WMF Youth Officer Pasi Aho stood for the second session one day after the grand opening of the Nilüfer course. Around ten club actives participated in the training in breezy but dry weather. Among the particpants were Sedat, sports teacher from Uludag university, as well as the ladies Songül and Natalia. All three will in the future work as instructors especially for school and student groups who visit the course and learn the basics of minigolf.

Natalia, Sedat and Ayla at Looping

Ertu, Songül, Sedat and Mustafa looking for the right line at Pipe

The strategy of Tuna Minigolf Sport Club is with the help of these teachers to find a wide basis of members among the students and pupils, and to make not only minigolf game popular, but also to offer interested people the possibility to learn about minigolf sport, which still is practically unknown in Turkey. Immediately after the 5-hour session Sedat had invited the first student group from Uludag university to try playing minigolf. Around 25 students took the challenge on their free Saturday and arrived to the course. Despite only little minigolf experience Sedat proved to be a really motivating teacher, he learned things very quickly and gave them on to the students who seemed to enjoy what they experienced.

'The whole Saturday group

Sedat at work

The future of Turkish minigolf

The middle-term goal of Tuna Minigolf Sport Club is to produce players, who will start competing in minigolf and as soon as possible participate in the international championships. Mr. Kök, the WMF registrar also says that as soon as more WMF-approved courses arise in Turkey, national competitions will be organized to offer the players new challenges. Hopefully we'll see Turkish players soon at international championships, perhaps already in Odense!

Pasi Aho
Youth officer

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